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WebGL / Virtual Reality


‘Myth’, is an interactive web virtual reality short film, featuring the song “Can I peacfuly Love” from Livyatanim’s debut album “After the Waters”. The film takes place in a dark surreal world, which aims to blur the lines between digital and natural imagery. The film uses the composition’s notation, rhythms and melodies (MIDI), to control elements ranging from drums affecting the geometry to transitions between scenes. In effect, using this data transformed from being a musical composition language, to a visual directing language. The experience can be watched on a wide range of platforms from desktop computers, mobile phones and VR headsets.


    Javascript, GLSL

    Blender, e-on Vue, Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Maya and Ableton Live, Web Audio API, Web MIDI API & WebVR API.



Developed with Yannis Gravezas, Tomer Rousso and Livyatanim