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WebGL / Virtual Reality


‘SONO’ is a binaural webVR musical performance featuring music from Livyatanim’s debut album ‘After the Waters’. The ‘venue’ in which the band plays is a dark crater located in a surreal outer-space environment, surrounded by cosmic events and astronomical phenomenons. ‘SONO’ features three songs, each of them played by the band as the surrounding world changes around them. The music, like the visuals – is binaural, allowing the audience to move around and hear what they would hear if they were surrounded by the band. The experience can be watched on a wide range of platforms from desktop computers, mobile phones and VR headsets.


    Javascript, GLSL

    Blender, e-on Vue, TouchDesigner, Autodesk Maya and Ableton Live, Web Audio API, Web MIDI API & WebVR API.



Developed with Yannis Gravezas, Ronen Tanchum, Ilya Marcus and Livyatanim