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World Cup 3D Moments

Computer Vision / WebGL / 3D / Machine Learning

World Cup 3D Moments


For The Times’s analysis of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, R&D and The New York Times graphics desk collaborated on a series of interactive articles that enable a viewer to see key plays in 3D. To accomplish this, R&D developed a workflow to swiftly create 3D models of athletes in action from a single photograph. This new method, assisted by a computer vision machine learning model, allowed us to model a 3D scene in just a few hours and publish an immersive story on a news deadline.


    Python, WebGL, GLSL

    Blender, GCP, Jupyter


This series of stories was created and produced by Weiyi Cai, Kenan Davis, Chloé Desaulles, Alexandre Devaux, Or Fleisher, Malika Khurana, Eleanor Lutz, Allison McCann, Mark McKeague, Karthik Patanjali, Scott Reinhard and Bedel Saget.